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There are so many problems that can be effectively treated with clinical hypnosis.  
Listed below are some of these:

If you have a problem which is not listed and would like to enquire if there is a possibility that you can be helped please contact me, I will be pleased to advise you in whatever way I can. Provided you fall within the catchments area an appointment can be arranged.  If you live outside the catchments area, I will possibly be able to put you in touch with another
 BSCH registered member who can help you.


Breaking of unwanted habits
Smoking - Alcoholism - Nail biting - Stress - Nocturnal enuresis - Etc.

Hypnotherapy for effective
Weight control - increasing Work/Study/Sporting performance - improving Concentration -
 and Memory - developing the Imagination - Boosting self confidence

Obtaining relief and often remission from symptoms
Such as: Migraine - Gastro-intestinal and Neurological disorders

Dermatological conditions
Such As: Eczema - Psoriasis - Neuro-dermatitis - Herpes simplex - and even Warts


Pain control
For Minor surgery - Dentistry - Arthritis - and general Neuromuscular pains.

 Hypnosis can help to free the individual
From Phobias - Compulsions - Emotional problems - Insomnia - Inhibitions - 
Guilt feelings  -Jealousy - and many worries and anxieties of everyday life

Gynaelogical problems
Pre Menstrual Tension - Psycogenic Infertility - and in Obstetrics for painless childbirth

Sexual problems
Such As: Impotence - Premature ejaculation - and others.


The use of Self-Hypnosis can prevent stress and tensions caused by modern day living,
reduce high blood pressure and the risk of cardiovascular disease.