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Communication With The Subconscious

Much of our behaviour, whether good or bad is learned from and influenced by parents, peers and other situations and events which have occurred throughout our lifetime.  
Therefore, this can be unlearned, or changed, so that it is replaced with new more desirable behaviour.  Through Hypnosis this can be achieved very quickly by direct communication with the subconscious mind

Stage hypnosis is very entertaining but must not be confused with the clinical application of hypnosis.  Clinical hypnosis is generally a very pleasant, relaxed experience and can be described as the state and feeling which one experiences when moving from the awakened state to the sleeping state.  The subject does not lose either consciousness or control of their behaviour. They hover in that state of drowsiness with a pleasant drifting feeling that one experiences when dropping off to sleep. Fully hearing the words of the therapist and all the normal surrounding sounds and events taking place in the consulting room and even the sounds outside.  

Contrary to the sometimes held belief that one loses control  and becomes unconscious under hypnosis,  this is simply not so. The subject is fully aware of everything that takes place and can call a halt to the proceedings at anytime, if they so desire.  They will not, nor can they be made to behave in any way that is alien or unacceptable to them,
 neither will they divulge anything that they are not happy to speak of.

Using And Enhancing The Power Of Our Minds

Since we only use 10% of our brain there is obviously a large part remaining that we have yet to utilise.  Hypnosis has been used for many years as means of anaesthesia for surgical operations and the like.  Russia and China, amongst others, have probably been a greater users for these techniques for such purposes with astounding successes.  We in the west have been a little sceptical until more recent times because of the poor publicity that had been aimed at it in earlier years by various establishments wishing to protect their own interests and methods.  However, there is now much scientific evidence, which supports Hypnosis

Now A Wide Range Of Accepted Uses

Many alternative methods of therapeutic intervention are now more widely accepted and used, as and when their benefits are rediscovered. Such is the case with properly administered Clinical Hypnosis by a certified practitioner.  The more recently publicised uses of clinical hypnotherapy in the UK have been with childbirth, smoking cessation, phobias etc. However within the circle of professional therapists it is widely acknowledged that there are now so many successes covering a very wide range of problems and following these, there is an ever growing demand for treatments from the public as they become increasingly aware of the benefits.  See treatments page for more information.

Be sure to consult only a properly certified practitioner such as a member of
British Society of Clinical Hypnosis